Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lesson 92: Bleeding Heart Ponytail

We named this one after Belle's favorite flowers at her Oma's house.

Begin with a ponytail.  Pull up a small section of hair from the tail, and put an elastic a couple inches down.
Beneath the elastic, divide the hair into three pieces.  The center piece will stay hanging down, but the two side pieces will be brought up to the sides.  Squeeze them against the hair above the elastic, and then add another elastic a wee bit above the first.  This is a bit tricky to do without making a big puff of the hair above the elastic. Try pulling down gently on the nub of hair at the elastics to adjust it if you have to.
Smooth out the curves of hair on the sides, and bring them together with the center piece of hair, forming the heart shape. Twist them or dampen them with water if you need to to help get the right shape.  You could even braid them or do hawser twists to take it a step farther.  Add another elastic to keep it all in place.

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