Friday, January 27, 2012

Lesson 91: Ribbon Accented Braid Wreath

It isn't exactly a wreath, but what would you call this?  Check out the french braid with ribbon post before trying this one if you need extra help.
Start by parting out the top section of the hair and brushing the back half into a ponytail.  Then make a center or side part on the top half.  Use a clip to hold the center of a long fat ribbon onto the part. Here's a detail of the top:
Braid each side down using the half-dutch technique and adding the ribbon into one of the strands.  Make sure you keep the ribbon on top so you can see it.  When you run out of hair at the ears, keep braiding without adding more hair, still careful with the ribbon.  Hold it with a clip when you have braided enough to get just past the ponytail.  Repeat on the other side, and let the clip at the top out.  Add both braids to the ponytail by putting another band around the whole thing.  Next, I wrapped the ribbons around to hide the hairband.  Then do a simple braid for the rest of the hair, adding a ribbon in each of two strands.  Add another hairband, and tie a bow.

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