Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lesson 94: Wide and Flat Dutch Braid with Messy Bun

"Boho-chic" or "hobo-chic" is a style that has been coming and going for a while now, meaning basically looking like a stylish mess.  (It comes from Bohemian gypsies, hippies, and homeless).  I think I pulled it off here...  I tried it out on myself one day and then on Belle the next so I could get step by step pictures.
Start by parting the hair on top, side or middle, but not all the way back.  Dutch braid both sides.  When you take hair from the middle of the head, gather a triangle shape piece with the top of the point at the crown of the head rather than a horizontal rectangular piece.  It shows how better on Belle's photo than mine since I couldn't really see what I was doing when I braided my own hair.  Hold the ends with clips or loose hairbands.
To make the braid look wide and flat, pull on the outside edge of each plait one at a time.  You can start from the top or bottom, going back again to readjust any that get tightened up again.
Fasten the braids together at the base of the head, and then make a messy bun.
This was a school day, so I used tiny jaw clips to hold the messy bun in place as well as bobby pins.  Then I covered it up with this flower thingy I made for her Halloween costume to hide some of the clips.

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