Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lace Headband

I've had this lace for years in my "treasure" box of notions I've inherited from sewers gone by.  I used it in the waistband of Belle's Easter dress, so it is fun to put it in her hair as well when she wears that dress.  You can buy lace like this at a fabric store.

Draw the bangs back and use a bobby pin to hold them in place.  Put the lace on the top of the head covering the bobby pin.  Tie it in a bow at the back of the head under all the hair.
Add some bobby pins to the the lace like in the picture.  Mine are glittery ones from Gimme Clips.  Try to cross over the hidden one underneath to keep it sturdier.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dorothy Gale Hairstyle (Wizard of Oz)

When I was a little girl, The Wizard of Oz would come on TV every once in a while on a holiday.  I loved watching it with my family. I always thought Judy Garland was gorgeous.  I once heard a rumor that Shirley Temple was considered for the part of Dorothy.  Certainly this wouldn't have been her hairstyle.

Start with a part down the center.  (I've altered it a bit here to accommodate for Belle's front side cowlick by beginning the part at the side and curving it to the middle for a centered part at the back.)  Clip one side of hair out of the way temporarily.  Starting at the forehead, make a rolled twist to about 3/4 of the way down the side.  Twist the hair, and gradually add in more and more as you go down, using a comb to smooth it out along the way if you need to.
Insert a bobby pin at the bottom (going toward the top) so that the last bit of hair to be twisted back is stuck down with the hair at the scalp.  Make sure the pin is hidden within the roll of hair.  If you look carefully in this picture, you can see where I'm putting the bobby pin (I use two hands when I'm not holding the camera!)
For the last half, you will french braid. Using the twist and some new hair from the side, you'll get your first two sections for braiding.
Gather up the third section from the top.
Continue french braiding.  Fasten it off when you are a couple inches down, leaving long tails you can curl.  Repeat on the other side, and add bows, if you like.
Belle wore this as an everyday hairstyle, so I skipped the bows and curls.  I don't know if this is exactly how Ms. Garland wore hers in the movie, but this is what it looks like to me.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Word from Lilla Rose

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Belle's 1st Day of School

My little girl is a third grader now!  Once when we moved in the middle of a school year, I gave her a star hairstyle to help her feel more confident meeting new friends, so she could remember she was a star!  She asked for it again for her first day.  I've posted our star before here.
The curls are from a curling iron.