Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Belle Hairstyle

One of our facebook fans requested a tutorial for Belle from Beauty and the Beast for a Halloween hairstyle.  This is her hairstyle in her everyday clothes, not the fancy yellow ball gown. This is what I came up with.
Begin with damp hair. You can add some styling product such as gel or mousse at this point.  Comb it all back straight.
Using a hairdryer, blow the bang area hair back while using a comb to train the hair to go where you want it.
Comb back, and then push the comb forward to form a bump.  Add some hairspray.  You can continue to blow it a bit, perhaps on low or with a diffuser if your hairdryer's high setting blows the hair all over the place and out of the comb.
Use a comb or brush to blow out the sides sections over the ears.  Use the same technique as you did with the top.
Part the hair in the middle.  If you do not have cut bangs, you could try to get a poof by adding a bobby pin in this place after lifting and pushing the hair forward.
You can use a round brush with your hairdryer to try and get some more volume out of the sides.
Take the side section and brush it toward your face.  Hold it out and twist it loosely.
Pull it back against your head...
...and then push it upwards.  Add a bobby pin to hold it down.  This is done in a similar way to the Dorothy hairstyle.  (This is a nice finished style for a regular day.)
Repeat on the other side.  Brush down the hair at the back of the head so it is smooth.  Now roll up loosely the hair that is at the bottom side.
Repeat on the other side, then put them together.
The twist will be laying over some hair from the back of the head.  It may be necessary to add some of this hair into the twists, if you can manage it.  You may need to ask for someone's help to hold one of the twists for you while you work on the other.  Add an elastic around the whole thing.
To get some more poof, gently pull out some of the hair at the edges of the roll.
Add a bow.  You can tie a ribbon to make a bow or add a bow clip.  (Mine are Gimme Clips--these will be coming out to Associated Food Stores, but there isn't a blue one.)

For a more everyday look, after I took these photos, I undid the whole thing, brushed it through (especially to settle down my bangs), and twist the sides in one step instead of two, and without trying to get the extra volume.


  1. thanks...now I know exactly how to do my hair for halloween

  2. awesome...very simple

  3. i just have a little human hair extensions,and could yu tell me that after i use your stpe,and it can increase?

    1. I think something is getting lost in translation here. Belle doesn't have extensions.

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