Friday, February 24, 2012

Bow Giveaway

This is our first giveaway here at Hairdo How-to.  It's always fun to see it on other websites, so I wanted to try it here.  In my small effort to spread goodwill to all the world, the winner of this drawing will receive these three hair bow clips that I made myself.
Here is how to enter:
Mandatory entry #1:
Do a service for someone else, like a random act of kindness.  Big or small, this service must be something out of your ordinary routine and not expected of you.  Leave a comment at the end of this post.  You may choose to tell what your service was or not.

Optional entry #2:
Read The Mansion by Henry Van Dyke and leave a comment with your short review of the book.  If you don't have it and can't find it at the library, do an online search where you can read it on the internet. 

Optional entry #3:
Share this contest with your Facebook friends or Pinterest or whatever your social media of choice is, or share it with your real friends.  Leave a comment.

Deadline for entries will be Friday, March 2 at 11:59 PM Mountain Daylight Time.  Belle will help me choose a random number (we'll draw from a hat or something since I don't want to spend the time to learn how to do it electronically) and announce the winner on Saturday, March 3.  The winner will then have 48 hours to respond with their contact information, or I will have to redraw.  Have fun!


  1. What an adorable giveaway!
    The other day I was at a big trade show, I was sitting down at a table, and a lady with a large rod of clothes wheeled by. Something she had draped over the top fell off and she didn't notice. I quickly jumped up and grabbed it and chased her down! She was very appreciative :)

  2. you must be very talented to make those your self

  3. Beautiful flowers!!! I help my kids teachers at school, I will do copies, charts, stapling, sharpening pencils, or whatever for them. It's not very random because I do it all the time. But I believe random acts of kindness should become a habit.

  4. I shared this on Facebook! Thanks!

  5. I shared this on GOOGLE+ !!!!!!!!!!!! super duper cute!