Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lesson 95: Rounded French Braid with Side Braid Bun

I absolutely love this hairstyle.  It is so gorgeous!  It is pretty enough for a special occasion, I think.  These pictures are from Belle's long hair days.

Part the hair at the top on the side.  French braid the hair down the middle of one side (the side with more hair), but when you get back to the top of the head, begin gathering up triangular sections of hair (use a comb), all with the same point at the end of the part.
Braid around the back of the head to above the ear.  Add in the remaining hair from the front. Fasten it all off with a hairband if you want to, but it isn't necessary.  Braid the tail, fasten the end with a clear elastic, and wrap the braid into a bun.  Hide the ends underneath, and secure it all with bobby pins.
There is a drawback to this style.  There will be a lot of different lengths of hair ending in different places in the braid.  It may be difficult to keep short strands from popping out of the braid.  Also, the little ends poking out can make this hairstyle very itchy.  Belle couldn't stand to leave it in very long.  I've been trying to imagine something like a doughnut shape piece of fabric or something to protect the scalp from itchy hair, but I don't know if the pins would stay then.  Let me know if you have the same trouble and if you have any solution ideas.  Please leave a comment.
Now that Belle's hair is short, we can't do this, of course.  Here is the closest facsimile I can create:
I used larger sections for the braid since was I was hurrying before school, and just made a side pony instead of a bun.  This was Read-a-thon day, so I put in this fabric flower with words all over it.  It is from Gimme Clips.


  1. could you show this style in steps????

  2. Oh yeah, please show this style in steps! This braid will be perfect for simple occasions. I like the braid side bun, but I think leaving it in a fish-style braid would be more perfect. By the way, your girl has a lovely hair –perfect for styling. Catherine @ Cameron's =)