Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lesson 35: Basic Bun

To begin a bun, brush all the hair and secure into a ponytail.  It doesn't matter what color of hairband you use since it will be all covered up, but if you are worried about it showing, use one that will camouflage with the hair.  Belle has very thick long hair, so I had to divide the hair into two sections.  One section may be enough for you.  Twist the section all the way to the end.
Wrap the twisted section around the hairband.  Try clockwise or counterclockwise to see which way might lay down better.
When you reach the end, the end hairs underneath so you can't see them and secure them in place with bobby pins.  Open the pins so they will catch the hair and then push them in until you can't see the pin anymore.  Try to cross pins to make an X shape when you can, so one pin will hold another in place.  If you push a pin in and you see the end stick out at the other side, gently pull it back out and try again at a different angle.  You can buy bobby pins in different colors to match your hair.  If your daughter has very fine hair and shorter hair, a regular bobby pin might be too long.  I would suggest getting mini bobby pins that are shorter.

Repeat with the other section.  I twisted and wrapped the opposite direction, but you could go the same direction, too.  Use trial and error.
This is a special kind of pin that does a pretty good job of holding bun.  Goody calls theirs "Spin Pins," but this is a generic.  You just push it in and twist it until you can't push it anymore.  You can usually see the end a little, so get one that matches the hair color if you can.
It doesn't hurt to carry around a few extra bobby pins in your pocket in case the bun starts to fall out during the day.  If not, pull out a pin and stick it back into the trouble spot.

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