Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr. Suess' Birthday ideas (March 2)

Tomorrow is Dr. Suess' birthday.  To celebrate, Belle will be sporting a Suess style bow made of hair.  Learn how at Girly Do's By Jenn.  She'll have a ponytail with one bow rather than piggies like this.

Another idea you might like is to do the french pony with alternating red and white hairbands.
If you want to get really wild, you can do a Whoville hairstyle by putting a plastic cup on top of her head, brushing all the hair up over it for a ponytail, then braiding or curling the ends.  Add a pipe cleaner into the braid to shape it and make it stick out. 

Or Thing 1 and Thing 2, for medium short hair, turn head upside down, add a ton of hairspray, and blow dry the hair towards the floor.  Add some blue hair color...  Really this is not my sort of thing, but some schools do a crazy hair day for Dr. Suess' birthday.  This would be crazy.

For shorter hair, maybe toddler type, make a pigtail on the top of the head that sticks straight up and put the rest of the hair into two piggies about an inch over the ears.  Poof them out by back combing, if you need to.

Click on the link in the side bar to see more crazy hairstyles.

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