Monday, February 21, 2011

Lesson 34: Princess Twists

This style is simple and elegant, but a little bit tricky.  Begin with a middle or side part across the top of the head.  On one side, part again from the top part to above the ear.  Brush the section of hair smooth into your hand and twist it.  The twist direction should be up from the ear.  The other side will be opposite so they roll together.  Twist a long length down, even past where you would aim to put a band.  Cross over the back of the head and clip it down temporarily.
Repeat on the other side.  If you have used a side part, the width of the twists will be different.  You can minimize it by making the part on the wider side slightly curved in toward the forehead to make the section of hair smaller.  Twist down a ways, but do not clip it down.  
This next part is tricky unless you have three hands.  Leave yourself some extra time in case you drop it and have to start over.  Hold the twist firmly while unclipping the other side, careful not to let it roll out.  Bring the two pieces together into one hand.  Pinch them tight just under where you want to put in the hairband.  
It will help to already have the hairband on the wrist of the hand you're pinching with.  Make that first time around with the hairband good and tight because they will want to roll out as soon as you let go for the next wrap around.
Add a bow or a flower or just leave it.  This style ought to be sprayed with some hairspray if you want it to last.  Any time your princess rubs her head against something, the long loose hairs will pull up over the twists and make big arches or hang out over top.  If you are with her, you can lift up the twists and pull the other hair back down to fix it.  Hopefully the hairspray will prevent the problem.

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