Friday, February 18, 2011

Lesson 33: Tying a Bow

This is the simplest of hairstyles made extra cute by adding a big bow.  Before putting it in the hair, you have to prevent frays.  This is what ribbons look like at the end of the day when they haven't been prepared:
To fix it, fold the ribbon in half (not end to end but side to side).  With a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the end at an angle.
Careful not to burn yourself, of course, use a lighter to melt the ends.  Slowly bring the flame closer to the ends until you see it start to melt.  Don't touch the ribbon with the flame, just hold it about a half inch or so away.  Move the flame down the edge to melt the whole way across.  If you keep it there too long or bring it too close, you could burn it or make a bumpy edge.  Just trim it off and try again if you do.
Ribbons tend to slide out and get lost if they aren't secured in place.  Pull the ribbon through the hairband.
Wrap one end under the pony and tie like how you begin to tie your shoe.  One end will turn up, and one end will turn down.  Choose the end that turns up to make the first loop.  Notice that one side of the ribbon is shinier than the other.  Turn your loop so that the shiny side is out. (If you are using gross-grain ribbon--the rougher kind with ridges--it doesn't matter which side turns out.)
Wrap the other end around the first loop and pull the other loop through the hole.  Twist the ribbon around if you need to to make the shiny part stick out.
Pull the knot tight and make sure the loops and ends are even.  Puff out the loops by putting your fingers inside and pushing out the creases.

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