Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lesson 31: Triple Rolled Heart

I wish I had taken pictures the first time I did this because it was much neater, but this time I was (once again) trying to rush it for school in the morning.  But this will give you the idea anyway.
Begin by using your comb to draw a part in the shape of a heart on the crown of the head. Secure the hair at the point with a little hairband.
Draw another part--half of a heart--around the first one, about an inch wide.  You may want to put the rest of the hair in a temporary ponytail to keep it out of the way while you are working with this section.
Twist the hair toward the heart, starting with a very small section in the top corner and adding a little bit of hair with every twist as you go down.
You can use a fine tooth comb to smooth any bumps by pushing it gently across the roll toward the heart.  Roll all the way to the bottom and clip in place.
Repeat for the other side.  Remove the clip and band both pieces together along with the tail of the first heart.
Belle's hair needs a side part in front for her cowlick, but you could part the front in the middle if you like.  Part the leftover front hair straight up from the ears.  Twist it up toward the heart.  You can just twist it all at once rather than adding more hair each turn this time.  Clip, like before, and repeat on the other side.  Band it all together.  Add a bow if you want.

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