Monday, April 16, 2012

My Generic Topsy Tail Tools Broke! :o(

Looks like I will be in the market for these hairstyling tools again.  As I said in my original Topsy Tail post, I got my generic tools from eBay.  They have lasted me only about a year and a half.  Perhaps it is worth my money to go with the name brand.  What kind of reviews do you all have on them?  Do they last?  I guess I am kinda rough on them, and as you can see if you have been following my blog for a while, I use them a lot!

What I have gleaned from an item for sale on eBay is that scunci has merged with Conair, and now the Topsy Tail is made by Conair.  Neither website lists Topsy Tail, though.  Even scunci's website does not list them.  I haven't seen them in stores, either.


  1. Hair Flair Boutique carries them :)

    I have also seen them at Walgreen's on occasion, but it may be a regional thing. With 3 busy girls in the house (plus me!) I have a tendency to lose them long before they break... lol. (That said, I have about 3 sets, 2 of them are several years old, I can almost always find ONE, I just can't ever find them all at once, and none of them have broken yet.)

  2. Amazon has them.

  3. I bought mine at either CVS or Rite Aid. Can't remember for sure. I have had it for several years. I have thought about buying the mini one, but haven't seen it lately.

  4. I buy the cheap ones from somewhere in China on eBay - .99 including shipping. I usually order 2-3 so I can have a spare since they take a while to get here on the slow boat. For that price, I don't cry too hard when they break. :)

  5. You are correct, Conair is now the only brand name manufacturer that's still making the TopsyTail and they don't mention it or advertise it at all anymore. They are pretty hard to find in stores. Some drug stores have them here or there and you'll sometimes see them at Claire's, but we're pretty much the only ones who stock them 24/7 (which explains why we buy them by the 100's every few weeks!)

    As for quality, our customers have been pretty happy. We've seen a few of the smaller TopsyTail Jr's broken right out of the box, but that's rare and we just replace them. All of the larger ones seem to last pretty long.

    The branded box gives you instructions and hairstyle ideas, which you don't get from the 99c imported ones. The Conair Topsy's you see on Amazon should redirect you back to us.

    If you ever have any questions about a Scunci or Conair product, let us know, we've got the inside scoop!

    Jaya @ Hair Flair Boutique

  6. Thanks for all the great advice, everyone!

  7. there is a video on youtube showing how to make a topsy tail. u can check that out. its pretty simple and i have made mine there.