Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lesson 101: Side Twist into Twisted Side Bun

(This is the hairstyle in the April Fool's Day post.)  To begin, make a diagonal part from the front side of the head back to the opposite side behind the ear.  Push the front section of hair out of the way while you draw the back section into a side ponytail.
Brush the front section of hair together and twist it.  Add the twist into the ponytail with another hairband.
Make a bun: Do a hawser twist with the hair from the original ponytail, fastening off with a clear elastic.  (Leave out the shorter hair from the twist at this point.)
Wrap the twist around the hairband, tucking in the ends to hide, and securing it all with bobby pins.
Now do a hawser twist with the remaining hair that was added in from the twist.  Wrap it around, concealing any hairbands or fray from the first twist.  Tuck in the ends, and then put in bobby pins.
We added our rose from Gimme Clips to the side to decorate.  Then Belle reminded me of a Spanish flamenco dancer.

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