Saturday, April 21, 2012

Barbie Ponytail

See the pictures in my post titled Barbie Gallery numbers 15 Fashion Fairytale, 17 Stacey, and 18 Merliah Summers in Barbie in a Mermaid Tale.  All of these Barbie pictures have incredibly thick ponytails. To get this fullness in a ponytail, I have a little trick: use a thread spool.

Begin gathering the hair into a ponytail.  For number 15, make it a very high ponytail at the top of the head.  Put an empty spool at the bottom of the ponytail and let the hair slide around it to conceal it.
Add a hairband around the ponytail.
I added a couple more hairbands of the same color now to make it look thicker.  You can add a scrunchy or ribbon if you want.  To continue with the Stacey curl, I used a curling iron to curl the tail.  I curled all the same sections in the same direction like so:
...and then brushed them together to form one big spiral.  A wider barreled curling iron would make a wider curl more like the picture of Stacey, if you have one.  This style ought to be sprayed with hairspray to keep it curled up together, and also to help prevent the hair from getting tired and falling to the side of the spool.  Using a no-slip hairband could also help with that. If you want the extra step, you could paint the spool to match the hair to help camouflage it better if it starts to show through during the day.
I've seen a tool called a Perfect Pony from Conair that has a little plastic contraption to do the same job as this spool of thread.  Perhaps it does a better job of staying concealed, but I've never tried it.


  1. That's so creative! I love that you're doing the Barbie hairstyles. Since I started watching the movies I've wanted to do my hair like them. They always have such thick looking hair! Please continue the Barbie hair posts, they're great.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I have been trying to think of an alternative to the Conair Perfect Pony for a long time - a thread spool is it! Thanks :)