Monday, April 30, 2012

Curly Woven Updo

I'm getting ahead of myself with this style here since I have a few steps without previous posts to show how, but many of you will know how to do them anyway.
To begin, you need some curls at the top of the head.  I used Curlformers (more on these in the future), but you can use rag curls or a curling iron to achieve the same effect.  I left them in overnight, and just used six.
Get the curls out of the way, and pull the back hair into a ponytail.
Now do a four-strand flat plait (cross the sides, then cross the middle in the other direction).
After crossing the middle strands, combine each two side pieces together so you have only two strands instead of four.  Pull these strands up and around the sides of the pony (one on either side) and bring them together at the top.
Add a clear elastic to hold them together.
Now tuck the tail down to one side and hid it under.  I sprayed on some water to help it bend better.  Stick in a bobby pin.
Spread out some of the plaits from the braid to widen the bun and make it look even by pinching at the edges, pull out gently to the sides, and then pinning in place.
Let out the curls.
Brush the curls back into a piggy above the bun.  Spray with water to soften some of the bumps from curling if you need to.
Lift the piggy, and then pull out a couple thin strands of curls.
Lower the piggy again.  Press down with your finger a couple inches down from the elastic, and then draw the end up again to form a U shape.  Insert a flexi-clip to hold it in place.
Arrange the curls by splitting or combining if necessary.  I pinched a small section or two hair and pulled it to add some more definition and variety of curl lengths.
I suggest using some finishing spray to help keep it nice and neat and to help make the curls last longer.

Lilla Rose is having a Mother's Day sale this week, FYI.  They have a new clip for moms and free shipping. I got this fairy flexi-clip from them, and I love it! (They aren't paying me to say that, by the way.)


  1. This is really pretty, but I don't really understand how to do it at all. I think a video would be helpful.

  2. I love the Flexi Clip! Very pretty with all the curls. I've never seen those curlers before either. Thanks.