Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lesson 47: Easter Resurrection Style

I wanted to do some sort of style for Easter that wasn't all about the commercial side of the holiday, so I came up with this style.  It's symbolic of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Three topsy tail twists represented the "going down" or death for three days, and then the last one has the "rising up again" and a spray of hair going out like rays of light.

To begin, put in a front half pony and turn it inside out with a pull-through (topsy tail).
Repeat with another section midway to the bottom, adding the first tail into it.
Repeat again with all the remaining hair.
Braid the tail.
Turn tail back and pass it up through the same hole behind the pull-through.  Add another hairband at the bottom of the pull-through to keep the braid loop secure.  Remove the hairband from the tail end of the braid.
Spray the tail ends with water to make them heavy and curve downward instead of sticking straight up.  They will dry in this shape.  You can add a bow or flower if you like.  Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks for mentioning the real meaning of Easter! Blessed Easter to you!

  2. That's fantastic! Love the symbolism, especially.

  3. I topsy tail. I do this style, but your finishing touch is something I never considered. So going to try this one. Thanks to you and Belle.