Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day

Today Belle wanted this ridiculous elephant hairstyle I gave her last August when we were entering the contest at Babes in Hairland to try and win tickets to the circus.  I just couldn't do it!
After a third failed attempt at making this Rapunzel style from the new Disney movie Tangled (I will get this right and post it!), I gave up and tried something completely different.  Click here for the Rapunzel tutorial.
This is basically a four strand flat plait (instructions coming in the future) turned up and tucked back down through.  The ribbon is tied to the top crossover section of the plait before it is turned.  I tried keeping it all in place with mini clips and bobby pins, but they were falling out and pulling "ouchy" places before she even left for school.  She also complained she didn't like the tail sticking out the bottom and that it was itchy.  So another error that needs more trials.

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