Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lesson 46: Earth Day Knotted Tree

I'll get back to my french braiding lessons again soon, but I want to add in something for Earth Day and Easter beforehand.

To make this tree, you first need to know how to tie a knot.  It's not complicated--just a simple knot.  Start with a small section of hair and twist it up.
Now make a loop and pull the end through the middle.
Pull it tight.
To make it stay in, put in a tiny (preferably clear) elastic at the bottom of the knot, and scoot it up to hide under the knot.
For the tree, I made a side part on top.  I put in three knots on one side of the part and two knots on the other side.  Try to make the spacing sort of random.  Next bring the tails from all the knots together and put in a clear band.  This forms the trunk of the tree.

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