Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lesson 36: Hidden Mickey

Did you know that there are hidden Mickey Mouse heads all over Disney World and Disneyland?  Some people make a game of it, and spend the day at Disney just hunting down these mouse ear shapes everywhere.  You can get a book (It is called Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Disney's Best Kept Secrets, by Steven Barrett) to help you find them.
For Mickey Mouse's birthday last year (November 18), I invented this hidden Mickey to put in Belle's hair.
Start by dividing the hair with a part over the top of the head, ear to ear.  Part the front section straight back through the middle (or if you need a side part, make it at an angle so you can get the same amount of hair on each side.  Put the back section in a ponytail an inch or two below the part line.  Then twist all the tail into a bun.  Secure it with bobby pins.  Now put the front sections in little buns so they sit next to the bigger bun.  (I stuck in a mini clip because there was a tricky hair sticking out, but I didn't have time left to mess with it before school.)  You could start with the front buns, but that makes it more difficult to keep them touching without leaving a space between.  If you like, you can add a red bow to make a hidden Minnie instead.
Belle looked so cute with this hairstyle!  This is one of my favorites.

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