Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lesson 18: Topsy Tail

Topsy Tail is actually the name brand product from scünci, but it has become known also as the name of the hairstyle.  Mine are actually a knock-off brand from Hong Kong that I bought on eBay for $5.
To do the hairstyle, begin with a simple low ponytail.
Insert the topsy tailer into the ponytail about the hairband.  Push it all the way through until the point comes out underneath the ponytail.
Pull the hair up and through the loop of the topsy tailer.
Pull the topsy tailer down, making sure that the hair doesn't fall out of the loop.  The hair will be pulled through the hole and make a twist.
Separate the pony into two sections and gently pull them apart to make the hairband slide up a little higher to tighten it all up.

There are more ways than one to do this.  If you don't have the actual topsy tailer, you can use a craft needle (plastic or metal) like this:
Mine is curved, which comes in handy for finishing knitting projects, but straight would be better for hair.  They are inexpensive.  Thread it with a long piece of ribbon, yarn, dental floss, or whatever you have on hand folded in half.  The needle becomes the point (but since it isn't sharp, it won't hurt) and the string becomes the loop.  If you don't have a craft needle, use the tail end of a rat tail comb to separate the hair (or a pencil, whatever) and stick your pointer finger and thumb up from the bottom through the hole.  The hairband will have to slide down and loosen up a little for this to work.  Grab all the ponytail hair with your pinchers and pull it through.  Tighten up the hairband.  You might be able to start with a loose ponytail and then twist the hairband around the hair one more time at the end.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I bought the topsy tail from ebay like you did and I tried it for the first time yesterday. It's SO easy and SO quick and yet both so casual and/or dressy. I love it. I'll be topsy tailing it constantly from now on. Thank you for both this and all your other excellent tutorials!