Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lesson 14: Small braid in front with anchor

This post is actually for three different hairstyles (though they aren't all that different).  To begin, make a part from one side of the forehead straight back across the top of the head.  Draw another part with the comb beginning on the first part and moving perpendicular (right angle) across to the other side of the head. 
Divide the section into three strands.
Braid the sections together.  That could be the end of it.  Secure it with a hairband and you're done with hairdo number one.  Otherwise, just use a little jaw clip to hold it temporarily and continue on.  Hold the braid back against the head to find the spot where you want to anchor it.  Pick up a small  (about 1/4 in.) strand of hair from the scalp.
Use a small hairband to connect the braid to the strand of hair.  Undo the rest of the braid under the hairband.  That's hairdo number 2.
When I did this in Belle's hair, the hairband didn't have enough grip and kept sliding down the extra strand, so depending on the texture of your daughter's hair and the type of hairband you use, this may or may not work.  So I took out the hairband and added the extra strand of hair into one of the three strands of hair from the braid.  Continue braiding down and secure.  Hairdo number 3.

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