Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lesson 6: Ponytail

This is the most basic up-do there is. To make a ponytail, brush all the hair together into one spot and secure it with a hairband. You can do a high, middle, low, or side ponytail. Choose where you want it to be on the head, then gather all the hair together into one hand with your thumb and pointer finger. Use the other hand to brush the hair smooth into your hand. You'll have to open your holding hand and close it to let in the hair you are brushing. Once you have smoothed out the hair all the way around, wrap it with a hairband. For thick hair, use a thick band; thin for thin. The tighter you wrap it, the longer it will stay put. If you don't wrap the band tight enough, it will slide down and make a loose ponytail and eventually fall out. You can put a ponytail into wet or dry hair. Depending on the growth pattern of the hair, you may see bumps or ridges. It may be easier to smooth them out with wet hair. If you are putting up dry hair and there are small strands of wispy hair that don't lay down, try spraying them with a water bottle and brushing them in. They will probably fall out again eventually if you don't spray them with hairspray.

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