Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lesson 8: Pigtails

Part hair from front to back. To part hair straight down the middle of the head, begin at the top of the forehead. Use the nose and ears as a guide to find the middle and draw the line back across the top of the head. Separate the hair when you get to the back of the crown. Comb it on each side away from the part. Place the comb again at the place where you left off and continue drawing down to the bottom. Belle has a cowlick on one side in the front, so any time I try to make a part in the middle, her hair wants to fight with me.  So I just start the front of the part a little to the side, angle it back to the center on top, and continue straight down the middle of the back.  Separate the hair and comb it away from the part. Secure one side of the hair with a hairband to keep it separated. It can be loose and sloppy because it is only temporary.
Work with the other side to smooth and straighten hair into your hand just as for a ponytail. You can make it high or low.
Wrap it up with a hairband.
Undo the temporary side and smooth and straighten it. This side will be harder than the first because you have to try to match the placement of the first pigtail. Gather the hair together in your hand and compare to the other side before you band it.  You might have to take it out and try it again if you get it in completely the wrong spot.
You can see this one is a little bit crooked, but not way off.  To fix it, I will split it the way I did in the ponytail video to tighten it up, but I will only pull on the top section to make the piggy slide up a little.  I can do the same on the other side but only pull the bottom to make it slide down.  Easy does it, though, or a bunch of bumps will show up and you'll have to take it out and try again.

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