Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lesson 11: Front half pony

Draw a temporary part across the top of the head front to back.
Begin at the top of the head and draw a line down to one ear.  Repeat for the other side.
Gather the top section of hair in one hand and separate it from the bottom.  Smooth and straighten the top section of the hair and prepare for it to be banded.
If the hair is long, use a clip or hairband to keep the bottom section from being dragged up into the hairband when you are securing the top. If you want to skip that part, just keep an eye out for stray hair trying to come up into the band as you wrap it, or it will make a little rats nest and will be hard to pull out of the band.  Spraying a little water on the section of hair just under where the hairband is going to go (and then brushing it down) may help to prevent the friction from pulling up extra hair.
Gather the hair any place you want on the front section of the head, brush it smooth, and secure it with a hairband.  If you want to hide the part, gather the hair together at the part or just over it.

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