Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lesson 98: Simple St. Patrick's Day

Last year for St. Patrick's Day I posted some more challenging styles for making shamrocks and clovers out of hair (see the right side bar).  This year we're keeping it simpler with some less time and skill intensive styles.

First, this little clover looking flower is from Gimme Clips.  (Clover flowers are really purple and white, I know, but we need green to avoid the pinching, right?)  The flower is sewn onto a small hairband.  This was our Daylight Savings Church Day hairstyle (with a blue one that day).  Just make a side part, and then part out a small section from the top of the head to the temple.  Add the hairband, being careful not to get the petals stuck under the hairband twists.
This picture was taken before school one day this week, then I looked out the window and noticed it was windy, so I added some Indian braids (upside down) with the matching hairbands that came with the flowers.
Here's another way to green up a regular hairdo.  Tie some green ribbon into a bow around the end of a bobby pin and insert it into a bun or messy bun.
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