Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lesson 97: Braided Tails Up

The Lilla Rose website has a simple style called "Tails Up" that is basically a french twist with the tail sticking up, and one of these clips to hold it down.  This is a fancier version of that.

Begin with a side part at the top of the head.  French braid the hair on the larger side to the ear, and then braid it out to the end.  Add a clear elastic.  Gather the rest of the hair at the back, and braid it.
Lift the braid up.
Wrap the other braid around the back of the fatter braid, covering the elastic if you can.
Put in the flexi-clip to hold it down, being sure to pick up hair from the scalp.
Spray the tail with water if you need to to tame it.  Belle's is sticking straight up too high.

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