Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lesson 87: French Braid with Ribbon Accent

Adding a bright ribbon makes an ordinary french braid look unique.  This special ribbon is from Gimme Clips from their "Gimme Braids" collection.  It has a loop sewn at the top and comes with a mini bobby pin to attach the end.
To begin, lift a section of hair at the front of the head.  Insert the bobby pin into the loop, and then into the hair at the part line.
Divide the top hair into three sections and begin braiding to cover the bobby pin.
Bring the ribbon out of hiding as you add it to one of the strands while you french braid.  Be careful to adjust the ribbon to lay on top so it will be visible each time you make a new plait.  When you run out of hair, continue braiding to the end.  Add an elastic around the hair and ribbon.
On the Gimme Clips website, they suggest cutting the ribbon the length of the hair.  I just can't do that since the ribbon won't grow the hair, and I don't want to be limited to this single style with the ribbon.  Instead, I tie it in a bow.  Wrap the ribbon around the tail and tuck it into itself.  Pull taut.
Loop the end to the side, pinching with your fingers, and bring the end around to the other side.
Continue tying a bow as you would shoelaces.  There will only be one end hanging rather than two.

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  1. I do this across the top of my head and into a ponytail some days for school and it always gets comments - yay for cool teen hairstyles!! :)