Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Missed our Bloggiversary

I just realized we missed the anniversary of our 1st post in July. Hairdo How-to is three years old. Since I missed the stats, I'll just put them from today. So far we have had 354,741 all time page views. Our viewers' favorite post is still the Waterfall/Fairytale/Fountain braid post, now with 9,053 views. We have 89 members. This is our 186th post, and this year we've seen a huge increase in the number of viewers looking on with mobile devices rather than computers!

Belle has done another ten inch hair donation, this time to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I gave an eight inch donation myself. Pantene will take a minimum of 8 inches, and Locks of Love takes a minimum of 10 inches. Belle's hair is now short! She has an a-line bob at the middle of her neck. It's so cute and easy! I haven't been styling her hair much since I've been busy putting my house back in order after the flood. It's nice to have a low-maintenance length haircut.


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