Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hot Rollers

I have had these hot rollers for a really long time. I use them only occasionally.  We tried them on Belle's hair quite a while ago.  She didn't like them because they were too hot for her skin.  The curls were cute, and lasted about as long as curling iron curls, but not as long as slept-in curls.  I think they are faster to put in that curling iron curls.
I wear gloves when I use the rollers to protect my hands from getting burned.  They don't sizzle and blister like an iron, but they feel too hot to handle if you touch a wrong spot.  This set has a red dot on the fat rollers that turns brown when they are heated through.  Use the fattest rollers for the shorter hair and the thinner rollers for the longer hair.  Roll up from the ends, and then put a clip upwards around the middle of the roll. Start at the top and work your way back.
Let them stay in until the hair feels cool, then take them out, starting at the bottom.
They make cute soft and wide curls.

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