Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rolled Sock Bun

I have posted sock bun tutorials before.  Click on the pictures below if you want instructions.
Today's tutorial is a little different.  Rather than pulling the hair through the middle of the sock, wrapping a band around it, and dealing with all the ends sticking out, this one will have the ends rolled up into the sock.  It will not be as tight an neat looking a bun, but it is still pretty.

For a sock bun form, get an old sock you don't need anymore.  The closer to the hair color the better in case any of it shows out.  Cut out the toe.
Beginning at the toe end, roll the sock until it resembles a doughnut.
You can by a bun form at the beauty supply store like in the picture below.
I bought one thinking it would be an improvement somehow over the sock, but was disappointed.  It doesn't stretch much, so you can't use it for this hairstyle at all.  It will work for the other sock bun styles I linked at the top.  The advantage is supposed to be that you can put bobby pins through the mesh, but I haven't discovered a need for that, and when I tried it, taking the bobby pin out made one of the strands of mesh pull out.  Save your money, and use a sock.

Put the hair into a ponytail.  Insert the ponytail through the middle of the sock.  Pull it up to the head. Straighten the tail hair, and hold it so it is tight together like a stick. (I didn't do this in the picture but figured it out later on.) Bring the sock down to where the shortest strands of hair are.
Wrap the ends of the hair around the sock in at least two directions. Do your best to keep the tail tight like a stick while you wrap the ends around and pull them through the hole again.
You can tuck a few ends of hair under the lip of the sock if it's turned the right way.  Keep everything as tight as you can at this point. Tug the ends to tighten them, and push them back around if they fall out.  Now turn the sock roll inside out by rolling it outwards.
Re-tuck the ends that come loose, and roll it inside out again.  The hair will roll up around the sock as you do this, and will cover the sides.

Keep rolling until you get up to the head.
The elastic in the sock will hold it in place now, but for added durability, put in some bobby pins around the bun.  Here's a side view:
On another day, we decided to spice it up with this headband and bow clip from Gimme Clips:
This hairstyle can be a little tricky to learn, but with practice, it can become quite simple and fast.
Here is a video:


  1. you should make a vidio im not understanding how to get the ends wrapped though

    1. I'll see if I can get a video after I get a new program for my computer.

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