Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lesson 80: Sock Bun with Hawser Twist

This style is similar to the last post I did for the Barbie hairstyle.  These pictures are from about a year ago, and I don't have step by step, so refer to the last post if you need to.
Start off by parting the hair at the side in front and making a box shape down to one ear.  Keep this hair out of the way while you put the rest into a high ponytail.  Stick the ponytail through the sock form (a rolled up sock with the toe cut out).  Smooth the hair evenly over the sock, and then add another hairband around the whole thing.  (Do not cover the bun with another layer of hair like the Barbie style--this one has the doughnut shape showing.)

Do a french hawser twist with the bang section you parted out by adding hair only to one side as you cross so that the twist lays over the part.  Continue twisting the ends, and add a small elastic.  Wrap the twist around the sock bun beneath the loose ends, and pin it in place.  Do a french hawser twist around the sock bun with all the loose ends.  Tuck the tail under to hide it.  Pin it all in place.  Tape the twist with a long ribbon.  (I wrapped the extra long ends around the whole thing this time.)  Add a bow or flower to cover up any messy spots.

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  1. nice :) im goin to try this for school tomorrow !