Friday, January 11, 2013

Waterfall braid Woven-look Ribbon Headband Ponytail

This style is challenging, but so neat!  Start with an ear to ear part at the front of the ear.  Keep the front hair out of the way for a while (clip or bun, etc.).  Do another ear to ear part at the back of the ear 3 or 4 cm behind the first part. Pull the back hair into a ponytail.  Half-dutch braid across the top middle of the head.
Lay a ribbon across the top of the head.  Insert one end through the hair at the beginning of the braid.  (I used a Topsy Tail tool.)  The other end will stay put when pull it back into the ponytail because of the braid.
Next do a waterfall braid with the front section of hair.  The pictures show this step before the ribbon, but I think it would be better to do the ribbon first.  Braid the ends as far down as they will go.
Using a Topsy Tail tool, or floss and a craft needle, thread each "fall" through the dutch braid.
Undo the ponytail.  Make a new low ponytail, adding in the extra hair from the falls and the braids.  Also add in the ribbon ends.
Tie a bow with the ribbons. Add a flower if you like.  Belle's ribbon and flower are provided by Gimme Clips.  Thanks Gimme Clips!

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