Thursday, January 24, 2013

Braid with Half-Dutch Headband

I did this style the next day after the waterfall headband.  I took apart the hairstyle except for the half dutch braid across the top of the head.  After sleeping on it, it still looked as if it had just been done--no flyaways.

Start with an ear to ear part at the front of the ear.  Keep the front hair out of the way for a while (clip or bun, etc.).  Do another ear to ear part at the back of the ear 3 or 4 cm behind the first part. Pull the back hair into a ponytail.  Half-dutch braid across the top middle of the head.
Release the ponytail.  Part the hair at the front on the side or middle. Brush it down to the side and give it a little twist.  Pull it back to join the hair at the back of the head.  Divide all the hair, including the little braid, into 3 sections.  Braid it, making sure that the little braid is on top each time its strand is plaited.  I added the bang hair into the middle section of the braid to make the little braid more visible at the side.

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  1. My little girl love this braid very much!!!!