Monday, November 5, 2012

Crazy Hair Day: The Flowerpot

For this style I was inspired by the little face in the bottom right corner on the Dr. Suess webpage.  Belle's school has crazy hair day during ribbon week (no longer just RED ribbon, but all sorts of colors), but I wanted to do a Dr. Suess hairstyle for all of you that have crazy hair day in March for Dr. Suess' birthday.  (Check the side bar for more Dr. Suess/crazy hair ideas.)
To start, make a ponytail with the hair at the top of the head.  I saved out a section near the bangs to sweep off to the side so it will still be pretty even though it is crazy.  This is optional depending on whether you have bangs or cowlicks or whatever.  I used colored hairbands thinking they would be hidden, but since they do show a bit, you could use a color to match the hair if you prefer.
Center and wrap a pipe cleaner around the base of the hairband and twist the ends together a couple times at the bottom.
Add another pipe cleaner around the first one, this time not centered, but with one end long.  Twist it to hold it in place.
Fold it upward.
Pull the hair from the pony upward so it goes around all sides of the pipe cleaners.  Add an elastic a few inches higher than the first around the hair and pipe cleaners.  
Drop the hair, and arrange it so that it evenly distributed around the ponytail.  Add an elastic to the bottom, careful not to pull the "flowerpot" out of shape.  It may be helpful to twist the elastic to form two loops before inserting it over the pipe cleaners.
Fold the two short ends of the pipe cleaner over to look like leaves.  Using tissue paper, cut a flower shape like this one.  Fold the paper in half then half again and cut the edges to be round. (Fold in half again to get the petals to be symmetrical.)
Scrunch up the center of the flower and tape it onto the long pipe cleaner.  Bend the pipe cleaner to look wiggly.
Make a part at the back of the head, and make two pigtails just above the ears.  Include the hair from the flowerpot.
The pigtails will have two lengths of hair, the shorter section from the flowerpot.  Divide the sections.  Using only the longer hair, wrap it around the hairband and then into a knot.
Use a clear elastic to hold the knot in place.
Add a bow, if you like.
Belle won the "craziest hair" competition in her classroom.  Her teacher couldn't believe she had a flower growing out of her head!

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