Wednesday, October 24, 2012

School Pictures

It's time for school pictures again.  There are a few things to think about when choosing a hairstyle for a photo shoot.  First of all, the back of the head obviously isn't going to be seen, so any style that looks amazing from the back but not the front is not a good choice.  I prefer down-dos rather than updos because they tend to frame the face better, in my opinion.  I also like seeing how long Belle's hair is from year to year in her portraits since it has changed in length so much over the years.  I think the person's face should be what draws attention in a portrait, and that the hair should complement the face, rather than draw attention away.  That is why I choose simple styles with few or small embellishments rather than large flowers and bows.  Here is Belle's picture day hair for this year. It is a hawser twist done like a half dutch braid (adding hair from only one side) with the bang section of hair.
Rather than spend an arm and a leg on portraits from the school (which often come back looking goofy anyway), I take a portrait of my kids at home.  I took this portrait last week in our bathroom.  I hung some fancy sheer fabric over the shower curtain rod, brought in an extra lamp, and took a bunch of shots.  I let Belle choose her favorite, and then touched it up on my computer.  Now I can print as many as I want wherever I want to have them printed.  (Belle's sparkly bobby pins are from Lilla Rose.)

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