Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Requests?

With Halloween approaching, I am wondering if there is anybody out there that needs specific help on a costume hairdo.  I can't promise anything, but just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.


  1. This isn't really a halloween request, but it could be. Are you going to do tutorials on the rest of the barbie hairstyles? I am really wondering how to do some of them.

  2. We'd like to try for some kind of flower girl this year (inspired by a super cute little tutu I found on ebay) and we've got lots of little curlies with flowers on them. But I still lack some inspiration on how to do a "hair-base" for them... any ideas?

  3. my daughter wants to be Astrid from "how to train your dragon". Her hair tools alot like a regular french braid but more complicated. any suggestions would be great!

  4. Hyacinth: I am planning to do them all eventually, but I don't have any particular goal for when. I am still doing some trial and error to figure several of them out. Which is your favorite?

    Anon: What are the little curlies like? Are they the metal swirly pins you tuck into a bun or something or do you mean curly ribbon?

    Elayna: I saw the movie once a year ago, but don't remember the hair. Can you find a good picture of the style and email it to me?

  5. Hey Kelly,
    the curlies are the metal swirly pins mostly. I do have some normal hair pins with flowers on them as well (though not as many, I'm just not good when it comes to DIY-stuff). They are about half an inch, because someone just wanted many many different colors.... And yes, I think they hold best in a bun. This reminds me, I'd appreciate any kind of help when it comes to alternative curling methods. My daughter's hair is super straight but she's literally afraid of curling irons and the like and hates having anything in her hair when she goes to sleep like curlformers. Well, maybe I should just leave her be and we will put lots and lots of products in her hair to get some texture. Thanks for your inspiration!

  6. My favorite is Queen Marissa's but I was mainly wondering about the fashion fairytale ponytail. Elayna: I am actually going to explain the Astrid braid on my blog, so if you can't find a good picture, I can refer you to it.

  7. Hey Kelly,
    my daughter wants to be Mulan from the Disney movie, but not the warrior Mulan but the girly girly Mulan at the beginning of the movie. We've already bought some of the hair accessories but still have trouble keeping her long hair (a couple of inches below her shoulder blades) in the updo. (Plus she has bangs, so we have to cheat a lot...) I really appreciate any idea and I am looking forward to hearing from you again. Keep up the great work!
    Lisa (WAHM, two daughters, 14 and 12, one son, 8)