Monday, August 22, 2011

Lesson 69: Crazy Eights Bun

This beautiful blonde is my niece.  Her pseudonym is Ladybug.  My sister-in-law (Aunt C.) did this style and took these pictures.  Ladybug's hair is a lot shorter and thicker than Belle's.  (This style wouldn't work in Belle's hair.)

Gather the hair into a ponytail.
Separate a section of hair and twist it tight out to the end.
Turn the section down, and bring the end toward the hairband. The twist will make a loop and cross over itself to make somewhat of an 8 shape. 

Pin it down with bobby pins.  Remember crossing pins in an X shape helps them stay in place better.
 Repeat until you have used up all the hair.
Add a bow or flower to the side.  This flower is from Gimme Clips.  (Thanks Gimme Clips!)

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