Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lesson 63: Disney's Cinderella Hairstyle

This is Halloween 2009.  Belle is obviously dressed as Cinderella.  Sweetheart (not so obvious) is Calvin and Hobbes.  It has been some time since I did her hair, so I don't know exactly how I did it that day, but I've tried to recreate it here for you.  In the picture above, I actually had bought a headband and covered and stitched it with fabric to make it blue (since I couldn't find a blue one in the store).  She lost it at school, so this tutorial is showing another headband that has a huge bow on. it  That's not quite appropriate for Cinderella, but it's the best we've got now.  And yes, I know it isn't Halloween yet, but perhaps your little princess likes to play dress-up...

To begin, put the front half of the hair in a pigtail with the elastic at the part (elastic is not temporary) and twist it up and clip it out of the way temporarily.  Gather the back half of hair as if to put it into a low ponytail.
Begin twisting the hair.
Pull the tail upwards as you continue to twist.
Keep twisting.  You may need to make some minor adjustments to the hair that is going to start pulling over the top of the twist by shaking the tail gently or using a comb to guide it across smoothly.
Keep twisting (and adjusting it if necessary) until the hair rolls over all the way up to the part.
Now put an elastic in at the top to  keep it rolled up.
Undo the clip in the front.  You now have two tails sticking out at nearly the same place.  Next you will roll and wrap one of the tails around the other (it shouldn't matter which) to make a bun with a tail sticking out the middle.  Pin it in place.
Now add the headband.
Take the tail that is left and loop it around like this:
 Keep rolling into the loop until all the ends are in a circle. 
Lay the loop down (sideways or up and down) across the headband and pin it in place.

 This could make an elegant up-do for a special occasion if you just left out the headband.


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I used it for my little princess, it was really hard, I did it for 1 hour and still couldn't made the twisting..
    Svetlana xx

    1. Yikes! An hour? You have a very patient princess. Good luck trying again if you do. It may take practice since it doesn't come out the same every time.