Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lesson 61: Dutch Braid Magic

Here are two styles that have a bit of a magic trick to them to make them look extra special.
The first one is two dutch braids at the side of the head.  When you have finished both sides, use a bobby pin to connect the two braids together.  Just open up the pin and slide it in towards that back side of the braids so that it has a little bit of hair from both braids from two or three sections of plaiting.  Tie the braids together at the ends with a bow or another hairband.
I like to call this one "Double Dutch," but it is really two half-dutch braids.  Part the hair down the middle, put one side in a temporary ponytail, then do a half-dutch braid along the part line.  Let out the ponytail and do another half-dutch braid with the remaining hair.  Tie the ends together.  You can stick a bobby pin in the tails as above, but I didn't think it was necessary.  If your braids diverge from each other at the part, you can bobby pin them together so it doesn't destroy the illusion of it looking like a complicated four-strand braid.

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