Monday, November 29, 2010

Lesson 24: Getting Organized

When you get a collection of hairdo accessories, it can start to get pretty cluttered up in your bathroom.  You could just stuff everything in a drawer in your bathroom and pull it out as you need it, but here are a few tips to make things more organized.

Use little plastic boxes or zipper baggies to keep clips and pins organized.  (My boxes came from a dollar store.)  I have used an office desk drawer organizer to separate my accessories.  That worked fine until I started doing hair in another room.
Frequently Asked Question:  How do you get her to hold still while you do all that?
Answer: I do Belle's hair while she eats breakfast, watches TV, or does art projects at the table.  She usually will hold still for a pretty long time when she's doing these things.  Sometimes I have to remind her that it's hard to do her hair when she is looking around all over the room.
Since I am doing hair while she is busy doing other things, I have to make my hair accessories portable.  I put all the things I want to use in a basket and carry it to where she is.  You could use a plastic art caddy to store everything in and just take it with you where ever you go.
Hairbands tend to go all over the place unless you have an organizer.  If you buy a new set of hairbands, they are making these great little contraptions that keep them all together.  It's just a metal ring with two overlapping ends you can slide the bands on and off very easily.  I know Goody makes them but I can't say off the top of my head who else does.
To keep clips and bows organized, I use a long piece of gross-grain ribbon, turn the edge over the doorknob, and put all my clips on it.  A couple of clips will keep the overlapped end together so it doesn't fall off the doorknob.  I've seen these with the loop sown up over a shower curtain hook or something with a big silk flower attached sell for big bucks at boutique stores.  Cute, but not really necessary.
If you have any other tips of your own, please leave a comment and share with the rest of us!


  1. I used a big fising tackle box, the kind that opens out with little compartments in the shelves. Bigger things go in the bottom.

    Lisa x

  2. Good idea, Lisa! Thank you for sharing.
    I've started putting all the hairdo stuff in a plastic chest of drawers. I just take the whole drawer out and bring it with me to the breakfast table.