Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lesson 23: Braided Heart

This is one of our favorite hairstyles.  Belle wears it year round, not just at Valentine's Day.  I learned the basic idea for how to do this at Princess Hairstyles, one of my favorite hair blogs.  To begin, gather a front piggy with a section of hair beginning at the ears or a couple inches above the ears on both sides.  Secure with a hairband.  Insert the topsy tailer from underneath and push it up through to the top.  Put the end of the piggy through the loop.
Pull the topsy tailer up to make an inverted turn.  Gather another piggy a little ways down from the first and secure it.
Divide the hair from the top piggy into two equal sections.  Braid them and secure them with a temporary band or clip.  The braid shouldn't be too tight or it will be hard for it to curve around.  Also when you begin braiding, start with the side section that is near the center of the head rather than the one nearer to the ears.  This will help with the curve and will prevent the braid from rolling out of shape.
Curve the ends of the braids around in the heart shape and stick them together with the other piggy.  Put another hairband around all of it.  Undo the temporary bands or clips.
Add a ribbon if you like.  Here is a side view:
For a variation, you can lower it on the head a bit and add all the hair in at the bottom.

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  1. I love all of work! It is so fabulous and makes me want to grab a head of hair and start braiding! LOVE!