Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lesson 4: Hairdoodads

I made up this word. Doodads, meaning little thingamajiggies, and specifically for hair, you know?  Hairdoodads.
Here's what you need:
Bobby pins. For holding buns, up-dos and twisty things and keeping things in place
 Jaw clips. The big ones are most likely not going to work in little girls' hair. Try it in your own. Okay, not you, dads. The medium ones will work for little bun flips or half ponies, etc. The most useful are the teeny tiny ones. They are good for holding things in place as well or better than a bobby pin, though they can't be hidden the same way a bobby pin can.
Barrettes, ribbons, bows, headbands

New-fangled thingies are coming out on the market a lot lately to make different dos easier. Bump-its, spin pins, "Modern Up-do Maker," etc.

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