Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rainbow Ponytail

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  My idea for this was to put some gold at the end of the rainbow, but I created this before school and didn't have time for perfection.  I had wanted to use some gold Christmas wrapping ribbon at the end of the ponytail, but didn't have time.

To begin, put the hair in a ponytail.  Measure a piece of ribbon off the spool the length of the ponytail, add a little bit more to account for wrapping, and then double it.  Cut the ribbon.  Cut all the other ribbon colors the same length.  Insert the ribbons stacked in rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) into one of the loops of the hairband, and center the ribbon.
Pull the ribbons around to the back of the ponytail.
At this point at first I tried to do a fishtail with adding a ribbon to each strand.
I had trouble with this when I came down to the second go-round of colors.  I didn't have time to really figure it out, so I started again just fishtailing the ribbons, no hair.  It ended up like wrapping a maypole.
Once you have crossed each ribbon over once, start again one at a time by bringing the ribbon around the back of the ponytail and then over top of the last ribbon that was crossed over.
Repeat with each ribbon.  With Belle's length of hair, I was able to do three "rainbows."  The ribbons will be bumpy and loose and cover each other up, but you fix that by pulling them tighter at the ends and scooting them over.
I added a big green flower that probably came from a dollar store.  Like I said before, here would be the part to add the gold at the bottom.
If this fishtailing is too hard for you, I also imagined braiding with a regular braid adding two ribbon colors to each strand: red and orange for one, yellow and green for another, and blue and purple for the third.  I haven't tried this yet, but perhaps I will.

If you have success with this hairstyle or have any tweaks or improvements, I invite you share your photos on our facebook page!

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