Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crazy Hair Day: Rag Rug

I gave this hairdo to Belle a couple evenings ago just for the fun of it.  She didn't actually wear it out anywhere--we were just being goofy.  It's just in time for Dr. Suess' birthday, though, since a lot of schools have a crazy hair day, so I'm posting it anyway.  Belle's school is doing a literary character dress-up day instead of crazy hair day.

This hairstyle is a half dutch cornrow spiraling all around the head.  Start at the crown with a small section, begin braiding around.  Since I was just playing, I used my fingers to draw up new sections of hair, but you could make it look a little neater if you use a comb.  There is nothing you can do about the ends of the hair sticking out.  Once the hair you began braiding with runs out of length, you'll have a new piece of hair running out with every plait til the end.  Braid down the end when you run out of hair on the scalp to add in.  Wrap it around, tuck in the ends, and bobby pin it in place.  Or just leave it hanging for more craziness.

I call this the rag rug because it reminds me of those braided oval or circular rugs.
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