Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lace Headband

I've had this lace for years in my "treasure" box of notions I've inherited from sewers gone by.  I used it in the waistband of Belle's Easter dress, so it is fun to put it in her hair as well when she wears that dress.  You can buy lace like this at a fabric store.

Draw the bangs back and use a bobby pin to hold them in place.  Put the lace on the top of the head covering the bobby pin.  Tie it in a bow at the back of the head under all the hair.
Add some bobby pins to the the lace like in the picture.  Mine are glittery ones from Gimme Clips.  Try to cross over the hidden one underneath to keep it sturdier.


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  3. hi. m ur fan from india. ur blog is very good. keep up the good work.
    @anonymous: why are u so jealous nd saying rubbish things. oh maybe because u yourself ain't talented like her, not cute like belle and u might have been 'picked up' in high skool. u are a wannabe hater nd looser. now that's smthin on your face.

  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL curls! I would love to know how you did them?

  5. I looked in your past posts and I think their curlformers curls??? They make beautiful curls but have been very hesitant to pay that much money for them. I don't think my daughters could sleep comfortably with them in. Is it a problem for your daughter to sleep with them on?

    1. Check my next post about Curlformers to answer your questions. The curls in this post are actually rag curls, though.