Monday, August 27, 2012

Feather Fashion Clip Extensions

Feathers have been in style for at least a year now.  I've seen a lot of extension that are semi-permanent, where you have to use pliers to attach a metal ring to a piece of hair near the scalp.  Personally, I prefer to be able to take whatever is in my hair out every night.

Feather Fashion Clip Extensions sent us these (real) feathers to try out.  I like them because they have a tight grip that doesn't hurt, but are easy to put in and take out, and you can use them over and over.  The teeth open and close like a snap barrette, and there is a little rubber tubing one side to keep it from sliding.
This hairstyle is a simple french braid.  I braided back a bit, inserted the clip behind the braid, and then continued a bit further with the french braid.

For anyone that is crafty and creative, the little ring that holds the feathers on is malleable, so you could open the ring, remove the feathers, and hook on something of your own creation.  I would consider buying the feathers just because the clip is so neat.  

To get these feather clips, you can email You can see the other colors they have at their facebook page.  (They are $5 each with $2 shipping for up to 6 clips.)


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