Thursday, May 10, 2012

Double Hawser Buns

I'm finally getting this style posted!  It's been in my banner for a long time.  This works best with very long hair.

Begin with a horizontal part ear to ear, and make two ponies, the top one at the part, and the bottom one halfway up the lower section.
Get the front section out of the way by twisting and bunching it up on top and holding it down with a big jaw clip.  Do a hawser twist on the lower pony.
Wrap the twist around the hairband to form a bun, hiding the tail ends under the bun.  Use bobby pins to hold it in place.
Let out the jaw clip.  Do a hawser twist on the top pony.
Form the bun on the top.  Try to make the bun low enough to touch the lower bun.  Pin in place.
You can finish here, or add some embellishments.  I made my own by hot-gluing some fake flowers to the end of a couple bobby pins.  To make the bow, I folded the ends of a short ribbon over, and then put the bobby pin over the middle like so:
Insert the bobby pins in random places.

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