Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lesson 82: Christmas Poinsettia

I am sad that I cannot find a picture of the awesome hairstyle I did last year, but I'll explain it here.  Belle's hair is too short now.  If anybody tries this out, please send a pic for me to post it here.

To do the poinsettia, basically follow the same directions as the sea star in this post.  But instead of only 5 loopies, do more like 15-20 small ones.  Arrange them at random instead of evenly, and overlapping.  In the center, you could pull some of the yellow/gold ball thingies from the center of a fake poinsettia and stick them in with a bobby.

This one looks pretty neat and gains attention when you go out.


  1. Yes, she cut 10 inches for locks of love. (Scroll down a few posts.)