Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lesson 73: More on Rag Curls and Twist-Wrapped Half Pony

I've been saving these pictures for a year or so.  This is a curl made with the corkscrew method I talked about in my last post.  Here's a single curl as I let it out of the rag.
Notice the pink arrow pointing a portion of hair that didn't curl very well.  It may have been too wet so it didn't dry and set the curl, or it may have come unraveled while I was wrapping and knotting the ends.  Oh well.
This is after running my fingers through the curls to loosen them up a bit.
I don't like the flat places near the scalp, so I try to style it in a way that will hide it.  Here I did a front half pony, leaving out a chunk of hair on both sides over the ears.  I then twisted the hair left above the ears, crossed it over the hairband to hide it, and then tucked the ends underneath.  You can either stick the ends down into the hairband at the back or use mini jaw clips to hold the twists in place.
A side view:
And a gratuitous shot of these luscious curls (I can't help myself):
(These are the curls I made my blog banner from.)


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